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At Prayer Pillow Ministries, we've been deeply touched by the unwavering sacrifices made by our service men & women.  Sadly many times these heroic families and children are not provided the support they need during trying times.  It has moved us to want to join forces in making life a bit easier for these families and their children.

While we continue to build up our own Project for the children and families of our U.S. military men and women, we will be supporting other like minded organizations which have similar interests. 

We are proud to offer support to one of the top U.S. organizations recognized for helping these families known as 'Our Military Kids' which "encourages school-age military children to explore their passions, turning adversity into a period of growth and resiliency".


We look forward to your continued support in helping us help those who need it most.  Please consider purchasing a prayer gift today which can help a military child and family in need!

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