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Prayer Pillow Ministries is a 501(c)3 non-profit, non-denominational organization that focuses on teaching men, women and children the uncompromising Word of God and serves as a beacon to those seeking the light.

Meet Our Founder

Moralinda Gendron


Prayer Pillow Ministries

Fighting for those left behind
A word from our Founder

We are all well aware of the price that our soldiers pay every day to keep us safe.   

At Prayer Pillow Ministries we believe that it is our duty to help the families of the brave Men and Women that sacrifice with their blood, sweat, tears and sometimes their life, so that we can continue calling America,

the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

We have seen the pain of living without a parent or losing one can have on their children.  We wanted to find a way to help.  So we created a project called: For Our Troops.  We're working with a U.S. Manufacturing Company to make Camouflage Prayer Pillows to help fund a project that would assist the Children of deployed and deceased U.S. Soldiers.

 We believe these children deserve to be in the best hands, while their parents are busy taking care of all of us.  

Together we can make a difference in their lives! 

Thank you to everyone who has helped contribute to Prayer Pillow Ministries.  


May we continue to do God's work together!

Moralinda Gendron

Prayer Pillow Ministries'



The future of the Ministry often lies in the hands of the people,

but all people rely on Leaders.


Since the creation of Prayer Pillow Ministries, Erasmo Jesus Cruz, (son of Founder Moralinda Gendron, both shown riding in the carriage) has been an active part of the Ministry not just as acting President, but also as a visionary voice and one of the main financial providers for the Mission, along with his wife and business partner Maria Elena Cruz for over 20 years.


"The future Legacy of PPM lies with my son and the family I leave behind who know where my heart and passion is.

Spreading the Love of Jesus"'

Moralinda Gendron

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